White Russian

A novel of passion, revenge, and deception.

White Russian -- Now available for the Amazon Kindle!

White Russian, the first Alexei Kikalishvili thriller, is now available for the Amazon Kindle. Purchase it from the Amazon website by clicking here.

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White Russian can be purchased at the Barnes & Noble website by clicking here.

White Russian Synopsis

Alexei Kikalishvili demands justice for the brutal murder of the parents of eight-year-old Maria Tarpischeva. Since the authorities refused to take action, even in the face of Alexei's eyewitness account, the former intelligence officer hatched the Peterhof Progression, his own retribution scheme against Peter Tatumov, the Kirov Mafiya leader responsible for the killings. For ten years, after becoming Maria's legal guardian, Alexei has plotted his revenge. Now, with Maria, the reigning Wimbledon singles champion, financially secure and nearly mature enough to live on her own, he aims to complete his life's mission. What he doesn't realize is just how much trouble that's about to cause him.

A Greek man steps into Alexei's foyer in Florida, collapses in a sea of blood, and dies in Maria's arms as he says in Russian, "Viktor must die... Alexei, you must..." Questions begin to accumulate. Answers continue to elude Alexei.

As he gathers intelligence against Tatumov, eliminating a few of his henchmen along the way, Alexei is arrested in Boca Raton for the murder of the Greek. Yuri Skurikov, a CIA officer and the older brother of Alexei's girlfriend, appears and offers Alexei a Hobson's choice: assist Yuri in foiling the sale of a Russian submarine by Viktor Boujinsky, aka the Merchant of Death, to the leader of a Colombian drug cartel or face prosecution for the Greek's murder.

The flippant, even irreverent, Alexei Kikalisvilli often entertains during his tragic global quest for revenge against the Russian Mafiya.